What is the Process?

How does this all work? Great! I’m glad you asked 🙂 

When we get together, we will laugh and have fun as I take photos of you and your family together, just the kids, by themselves, the two of you, just you, any combination you can think of! 

There is no stress here. I love working with individuals of all ages and abilities. I work fast-paced and make it fun for everyone. Even if you think the kids are being silly, it's all good, haha I’ve got this 😉 Craziness is my speciality. 

In a week, I will send you a link to look at all your fabulous photographs. This is the time when you will order your custom artwork for your walls. Allow yourself 1-2 hours so you are not rushed. I want you to be delighted with the decisions you have made on your purchase. Depending on your products and type of photos, I will then further add to your masterpieces.

There is about a 4-week turnaround time on artwork ordered and as soon as it is ready for collection, we will call you.

All wall art photos purchased come with matching digital files and these will be emailed to you via a transfer link for your safekeeping. And of course, when you order digital images, you will be automatically emailed a link to download.

I am so looking forward to creating some one-of-a-kind artwork for you to hang on your walls for generations to come!


Your photographic session is all about you!
It’s a time to come together and switch off from the world.
Time together, to reconnect away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Weekend Sessions from $295
Weekday Sessions from $245


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